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Solving the Similar Accounts issue




By DocKhachHanh

Mobula was born from the desire to solve the problems of accessing complete, secure, and trustable blockchain data.

The app benefits crypto enthusiasts who can seamlessly track the assets listed on the platform, buy them in-app at the best price, track their portfolio, and other features on which the team frequently communicates about through posts on its Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Among the possibilities offered by the ecosystem there is a fair Earn System that allows any user to take part in the Mobula adventure by earning its token, the Mobula (MOBL). Several ways to earn MOBL tokens are available on the Earn page.

Like all the other features of the application, in order to take advantage of the Earn system, you must necessarily connect your wallet. The Earn system in general, and in particular the fact that a user should connect only one wallet to it, makes Mobula the un-launched project that suffers the most exploit attempts. Indeed, the appeal of the project and the desire to obtain MOBLs pushe users to connect, instead of a single wallet, dozens of wallets in order to collect as many MOBLs as possible.

Early on, the Mobula team noticed this phenomenon and set up a sophisticated system to identify these users. The consequences for those attempting to exploit the Earn system are that all their wallets are identified by the Mobula bot and automatically listed as "Similar Accounts". The result is that none of the user's multiple wallets can claim the tokens.

Every time the user will try to claim, the system will display an alert saying, Please wayt a bit... We will never let you down. We will never let you down. The user who finds himself in this situation should contact Mobula support.

Processing steps

  1. Go to Support channel on Discord
  2. Open a ticket
  3. Explain to the team that you are faced with a similar accounts situation
  4. List all the wallet addresses you have connected to the Earn system and wait for a response from the Support Manager

Team can find all the wallets you have connected, but they will require you to list them yourself. This is the only way for you to prove that these wallets really belong to you so they can freeze them so that you can claim with your primary portfolio. As long as the other wallets you connected are active, you will not be able to claim with any of them. So they have to freeze them all and let you use only the main one.

The above is based on my experience, I am sharing it with you so that you know what to do to resolve this situation. I hope it will be useful to you. Thank you for taking the time to read it.