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New organization for the community call




With a growing community every day and more and more users every week, the Mobula Core Team has decided to organize a bi-weekly community call. The call will be held on Tuesdays at 8 PM UTC and on Thursdays at 6 PM UTC, allowing everyone to attend the meeting at least once a month.

Every weekend before the call, a post will be published on various Mobula social media platforms to notify users of the call and enable them to prepare their questions.

This event will provide the Mobula community with an opportunity to obtain insight into the most recent developments and to offer valuable feedback and input. The community call will also provide a chance to discuss the future of Mobula and voice any questions or concerns the community may have.

Users who are active during the call and ask questions will be rewarded with MOBLs, so make sure to participate. The second part of the call will be dedicated to new Mobulers and their official integration into the DAO. As usual, they will be required to read the Mobuler charter in front of the rest of the DAO members.

The day following each call, a contest will be organized, and the objective will be to answer a question about the call from the day before. A random draw will select one winner of MOBL, so don't miss the call!

The call will be held on Discord, on the Election VC channel at https://discord.com/channels/936365017526308925/1025773773254836224.

Stay tuned!