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The Governance DAO
Decide the future of Mobula.

By joining the governance of Mobula, you will contribute to the future of Mobula. You will be able to both submit development proposals and vote for the one that will be officially in the process of being voted on.

A quick reminder

Mobula's governance has two distinct aspects: The Protocol DAO and the Governance DAO. This article is intended to give the reader an understanding of the Governance DAO

What is a Governor?

At Mobula, members of the Governance DAO are called “Governors” and Members of the protocol DAO are called “Mobulers”

What I do as a Governor?

As governor, you become a member of the gouvernance DAO and will decide the future of Mobula. You will have access to the Governance DAO dashboard, you will be able to make proposals for resolutions according to your rights in the governance and you will be able to make decisions about the future of Mobula.

Proposing new initiatives

As a Governor, you are part of Mobula’s Governance, therefore you can propose any changes that you think would be a benefit to the ecosystem. From the structure of the Protocol DAO to the strategic fund management decisions as well as any other improvements of the ecosystem in general.

What the Governance DAO is not.

Like we said in the quick introduction Mobula's governance has two distinct aspects: The Protocol DAO (Mobulers) and the Governance DAO (Governors)

Being part of Governance DAO does not give you access to any Rank (I or II) of the Protocol DAO, so you can't vote during the token listing process. For that you will need to join the Protocol DAO.

However, as a member of Governance DAO and a holder you will able to vote and suggest any improvement of the Protocol DAO.

For example: You can decide how many new people to promote to the Rank I but no control over who will be selected - this choice is reserved for Rank II members of the Protocol DAO, to avoid any centralization bias)

Join the Governance DAO

To join the governance DAO, the first step is to own $MOBLs, the primary token at the center of Mobula. Since the token is not listed and not yet available for purchase, there is only one way to get MOBL, and that is to earn it using the platform!

To do this, nothing could be easier, you just have to perform the actions proposed on the dedicated page: https://mobula.fi/earn

Then, to access the governance DAO and become Governors, you will need to own governance tokens, the veMOBL.

To get veMOBL, you will have to stack the main MOBL tokens for the period of your choice, which will give you access to the governance token: https://mobula.fi/dao/governance/staking

After that, you will directly receive the #Governors role on Discord. If your Discord is well connected to your Mobula profile. You will then be able to chat with the other Governors directly on the dedicated channels on Discord.

If you have any further queries please join the MOBULA Discord and open a support ticket or feel free to chat with other members who will be able to explain the steps to you